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Scheduling an Appointment

We suggest that you make your appointment in advance to avoid running out of medications and missing a deadline for an application and/or form that requires a medical opinion.

Appointments may be booked by telephone or in person. When booking your appointment we ask that you briefly describe the reason for your visit so that we may allocate an appropriate appointment time. If you are unable to attend your appointment, please contact us to cancel beforehand.

Please arrive ten minutes before your appointment to ensure sufficient time for registration and completion of any required forms and/or documentation for your visit. Should you arrive late, your appointment may have to be rescheduled to another time/date. In these instances, you may be subject to a late/missed appointment fee.

Urgent Appointments

Often a minor problem such as a bladder infection, ear ache, sore throat or minor injury such as a sprained ankle may occur overnight. There are a limited number of urgent appointments available each day for these reasons. To schedule an urgent care appointment, you must call us early in the day as these appointments go quickly.

These appointments are not for lists of problems, "check-ups" or routine issues.

Missed Appointments

To cancel and/or reschedule any appointment we require 24 hours' notice. This can be done either in person or over the telephone. Should you book your appointment within the 24-hour time-frame the policy is in effect immediately. Missed appointments limit other patients who need critical access to medical care in a timely manner. Consequently, a missed appointment fee could be applicable for missed appointments not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance.


Our clinic receives a high volume of phone calls each day and we are committed to doing our very best to help everyone. Phone lines are normally busy first thing in the morning, following the lunch break, and before dinner. Therefore, it might be easier for you to reach us outside these times. Should you wish to speak with a doctor, it is advisable for you to make an appointment.

Health Card & Personal Contact Information

As per Ontario Ministry of Health requirements, patients must bring and present a valid OHIP card for ALL medical visits. The card must contain accurate personal information. When you change any personal information please contact Service Ontario, hospitals, labs and/or other doctor's offices to update your records.

The government will not cover medical services for anyone without a valid health card, therefore, a fee for the appointment will be charged if you have an expired/invalid health card. A fee for a medical visit for Quebec and non-OHIP patients must be paid at the time of service.

Test Results

We promptly review test results. We usually do not call patients with normal results unless arranged for in advance. You will however be contacted by telephone if there are abnormal results that need to be discussed. If you would like to discuss the result with your physician please book an appointment to do so. When booking, please inquire with the front line team to make sure your test results in question are on file. In all cases, we encourage you to consult with the doctor if your symptoms remain or have gotten worse. Please note staff are unable to provide results via telephone, fax or email.


When a referral to a specialist for a test is made you will be contacted by either their clinic or ours regarding your appointment date/time. You will also be advised at this time of any special preparation required for your appointment. Wait times for specialist consultations and special tests vary tremendously. Unless your problem is urgent, please wait at least four (4) weeks before phoning to check on the status of your referral.

Refilling Your Prescriptions

If you take regular medications it is best to make an appointment with your physician when you get to your last refill so that you do not run out before you can be seen. We do NOT refill medications over the telephone. Your pharmacy may be able to ensure that you don't run out of essential prescriptions while waiting to get an appointment. Alternatively, if neccessary and urgent, you may have your pharmacy fax us a request to renew your medications. Please allow two (2) business days for a response.

Third Party Insured and Uninsured Services

Not all medical services are covered by OHIP. These include insurance and other form completion, driver medicals, third party medicals, travel consultations/vaccinations, sick notes, etc. Many are covered by your employer's health insurance plan or other 3rd party insurance plans. Patients will be advised of such charges and will be offered serveral convenient forms of payment. All charges for uninsured services must be settled at the point of service.

Form Completion

The College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario expects physicians will complete and submit third party reports within sixty (60) days. We ask that forms be dropped off in advance of booking an appointment with your doctor for review. Also, the patient must complete their portion of the form in advance, otherwise, it will not be completed by your physician. When completed, you will be contacted accordingly. If you have not been informed after thirty (30) days, please call us to inquire on the status of your form.

We accept cheques, debit cards, Visa or Mastercard.

Our Services and Impact of Outside Usage

As a member of our Family Health Organization (FHO) you are encouraged to use our facility for your medical needs. As you look for medical care outside our FHO, it should be noted that OHIP charges your doctor a penalty fee. As a patient of our FHO, you must see your family doctor unless he/she is away from the office for an extended period or if it is a medical emergency and your doctor is unavailable. If you have an urgent medical problem outside our regular hours, we ask that you call the Tele-Health Assistance System (THAS) line at 1-866-553-7205, or, if a medical emergency, go to the nearest Emergency Department at your nearest hospital.

Teaching Facility

We are a designated teaching facility therefore we regularly have resident physicians. Should your physician be involved with this, a full explanation of their role will be given to you should a resident be present during your visit.


Confidentiality is of the utmost importance and will be strictly maintained. Your medical information will NOT be released to anyone (including members of your family) without your written permission. If we are unable to reach you directly by telephone we will leave a message for you to contact us.

Patients are permitted to restrict the disclosure of such information. For this reason and in conjunction with the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario regulations, we are required to obtain written express consent from the patient before we disclose the patient's personal health information. It is permissible for a parent or legal guardian to manage these tasks for a minor and by default a parent or guardian is assumed to have authorization for a minor. Children sixteen (16) years of age or older MUST also grant authorization to a parent or guardian.

Collection of Information/Privacy

The personal health information that you provide is collected, used, and disclosed in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA). The privacy provisions of the legislation require that we protect your health information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure or destruction.

Computerized Medical Records

Our clinic is fully automated with access to our patient's complete computerized medical records for your convenience. Computerized medical records allow our physicians to access your records in the regular office as well as in the after hours' clinics. Our computerized medical records system is specifically connected to the Riverside South Medical Centre only. E-Health has not yet been fully developed to allow full sharing of information from hospitals to specialists.

Fragrance-Free Environment

Due to health concerns arising from exposure to scented products we ask that all patients refrain from using any scented products prior to their visit.

Clinic Environment

We are committed to building and preserving a pleasant and comfortable environment for patients, staff, doctors, and visitors alike. Therefore, harassment will not be tolerated.

Patient Feedback

Patient feedback is extremely important to us as it provides an opportunity to review the care we are providing. Feedback includes suggestions, compliments, and complaints regarding the front line services we provide. Should you wish to discuss your experience further, you may contact the Clinic Manager directly at 613-822-0411, or, send us your written feedback placed in a confidential envelope addressed to the Manager. Also, from time-to-time, we may also take the opportunity to reach out to you directly to inquire on how you were serviced by our front line team ranging from the point of booking your appointment, checking in at our front desk, to checking out.

Regular Clinic Hours

The clinic is open during the following hours for registered patients, by appointment only:

Monday through Friday:
8:30 am to 5:00 pm

After Hours Clinic

We recommend that you phone ahead to secure a spot in the after-hours clinics. Phones are NOT answered on Saturday.

The after-hours clinic is open during the following hours for registered patients:

Monday through Thursday:
5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

9:00 am to 12:00 pm